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A Brass-Band and a Singer-Songwriter walk into a Bar

Shira Z. Carmel and her Brasserie - Shira Z. Carmel's newest adventure is an Avant-Groove Brass Band, standing (and dancing) on the thin line between Jazz, Art and Pop. This unusual ensemble features 6 brass and woodwinds players, a drummer and a singer-songwriter.

Shira Z. Carmel has been writing and performing for over a decade, and her songs have taken many shapes and sounds.
Whatever the instrument, whatever the genre, Shira creates a human microcosm: a SONG,and with it - an idea, a story, a new perspective. Now - accompanied by 6 horns and a drummer there's no stopping her.

Finding inspiration in the classical brass quintets, jazz big-bands, the 1940s' cool jazz and the New Orleans marching band traditions, arranger Orr Sinay dips Carmel's songs in a hot sauce of horns and drums that best befits her sultry voice and poetic lyrics. Carmel & Sinay met in the Jerusalem Music Academy, and it was musical love at first sight. They now collaborate in this fascinating project, where Brass, Wind and Fire come together. After performing for astounded audiences in Israel and Europe, Shira Z. Carmel and her Brasserie are now releasing their debut EP and planning to take over the world.

Come join us in one of our concerts! For tour dates and news see our Facebook page. More info on our EPK, or our EPK + Tech rider.

Meet... the Brasserie

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