We are The Tehnicalities!

The Technicalities are Shira Z. Carmel and Alon Diament - a young Israeli couple and musical duo.

Our Birobidzhan Project consists of Yiddish poems that were written by poets who either lived or dreamed of living in Birobidzhan, the Soviet "Jewish land", in the 1930's and onwards, set to music and arranged by the Technicalities.
Together, we dream of the "what if"s and "would be"s, and revive the forsaken dream, the ideal that was Birobidzhan.
We try to bridge the gap between the parallel and even non-existing realities of the 2 Jewish lands - Birobidzhan and Israel, combining the (disappearing?!) Yiddish, and the ghosts of the Jewish past with contemporary music, made by two young musicians who live (and love) in Israel today.
The program was written and first performed for the exhibition "Where to? - solving the Jewish question" in the Israeli Digital Art Museum on April 2012, and "evolved" thanks to our European tour and "The Jewish Music Festival" in Amsterdam, where we performed on October 2012.

A Bit More About Us

Alon Diament

(b. 1984) is a classically trained pianist and musician, a self toughed Accordionist, and an engineer, currently writing his P.Hd. in computational biology in the Tel Aviv University.

Shira Z. Carmel

(b. 1981) is a musician, Hebrew teacher, former radio host at Galatz ("Tziporey Laila"), former photographer and graphic design enthusiast (she also designed this website!). Shira has been performing with several musical projects during and after graduating from the Jerusalem music academy, including "The Technicalities", the "Shira Z. Carmel Quartet" and currently "The Hazelnuts" and her newest brass band- "The Brasserie". Check out Shira's website as well.

Please feel free to contact us, book us for a concert and listen / download our EP.

Alon & Shira