After a few years in which we've focused on other projects, the Technicalities took part the fascinating project called Israel Palestine Lorde project in which the popular singer's songs got new interpretations in the styles and languages of the middle east.

The project was initiated and led by Yuval Ben Ami, who happens to be Shira's ex-co-host of the Galatz radio station weekly talk show "Night Owls". It was documented in a series of posts on the +972 website. You can also just listen to the songs (without reading the separate posts) on this link.

We'd like to thank the beautiful talented people we've worked with on this piece-
Original lyrics and music: Ella Yelich-O'connor and Joel Little
Translated by: Saul Noam Zaritt and Yael Levi
Arranged by: Yaron Fishman and the Technicalities
Vocals: Shira Z. Carmel
Accordion: Alon Diament
Backing vocals: Tamar Hak
Classical guitar: Yuval Ben-Ami
All other instruments, production, mix and infinite patience: Yaron Fishman.