DI BAHN KUMT (Yiddish for "the train in coming") was written by M. Kazakewitch, a soviet poet. It was published in the 1936 Birobidzhan quarterly "Farfast". Alon and I (Shira) worked on this Stop-Motion Animation video for a few weeks.. and - TADA!!

The poem tells the story of the train picking up different passengers (big and small, young and old) on its way to Birobidzhan, where they will help build the Jewish Land in the USSR.
The night accompanies the train with its moon shadows and wonders, and the growth of joy accompanies the shades of light of the sunrise. But it won't be easy! You will hear some people cursing and saying OY! But the train comes with its lights and songs, come and join the train... we also added subtitles!!

Shira Z. Carmel: music, voice, photography, editing, production
Alon Diament: accordion, train driving, art design, directing
M. Kazakewitch: Lyrics

Tal Sznicer for his camera
Idan the baby and star, and his father
all the lovely kids from the train park
all our supportive families and roommates!
Udi Edelman and the Israeli Digital art center - where this project began!
Daniel Galay for his help with the Yiddish
this song was recorded in Mitzlol studio

The Musenet un-convention, Kibbutz Shefayim
Rabin sq., Tel Aviv
Ha'Medina sq., Tel Aviv
Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv
Old Jaffa railway station, Tel Aviv
Grandma's senior home, Tel Aviv
Our x-home, Tel Aviv (just moved back to Jerusalem!)
Woldman-Carmel family, Tel Mond
Gas station of Tel Yitzhak